Sonja London

Sonja London

Head of Licensing and Intelligence Operations, Nokia Technologies (Finland)

Sonja London has over 10 years’ experience on intellectual property licensing. She has global responsibility for licensing operations and for business intelligence and analytics globally for all licensing businesses of Nokia Technologies. Her roles over the years have covered licensing from A to Z: from business development of licensing programs to successful execution of programs, licensing negotiations and managing contracts, royalties, customers and compliance. Sonja has built strategies, processes and data systems to enable scalable and growing end to end licensing business. Sonja is a member of the Board of Licensing Executives Society Scandinavia since 2013 and she has been a visiting lecturer in the Aalto University Helsinki since 2011. In addition to her position in Nokia, Sonja is also serving as member of the Board and IP advisor in FusionLayer Ltd and 21TDMC Group Ltd.

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