Saumil Mehta

Vice President and Assistant General Counsel, GoGo LLC

Mr. Mehta is Vice President and Assistant General Counsel at Gogo LLC, the leading provider of in-flight connectivity. In his role at Gogo, Mr. Mehta oversees the IP portfolio and is responsible for establishing the company’s innovation initiatives. In addition to handling IP matters, Mr. Mehta regularly negotiates IP and IT related transactions with airlines, airframe manufacturers, satellite capacity providers, and other key partners for Gogo. Prior to joining Gogo, Mr. Mehta worked as a senior attorney at IBM, and before that, in the IP transactions group at Kirkland & Ellis LLP.

H5: Joint Development Agreements (JDAs) Are Only as Strong as the Weakest Link

Regatta A

Joint Development Agreements (JDAs) are valuable tools for any organization to strengthen its IP rights, but JDAs are commonly drafted with “weak links” that can completely undermine their value. Experienced panelists will identify these “weak links” and provide practical solutions for eliminating them. Participants will learn how to structure JDAs to maximize value and strengthen […]