Moderator: Robin Corwin

Moderator: Robin Corwin

Intellectual Property Manager, Rockwell Collins

Robin Corwin is an Intellectual Property Manager at Rockwell Collins and is the Vice Chair of the LES (USA & Canada) Standards Committee for IP Protection in the Supply Chain. Over her 30 year career at Rockwell Collins, she has held a variety of leadership positions in engineering and program management. In her current position, she provides support to business leaders in the application of IP protection, valuation, and business strategies aimed at driving profitable growth for Rockwell Collins. She has additional responsibilities for IP transaction policy, business processes, and associated change management strategies. She has been a member of LES (USA & Canada) since 2015 and holds both B.S. and M.S. degrees in Engineering from California Polytechnic State University.

D3: LES Standards Initiative: Improving the Practice of IP Management

Coronado E

How will organizations successfully navigate the continuously evolving landscape of intellectual property management?¬†Today, across the world, innovation is the basis of advantaged products and services, and it is the engine of the economy.¬†And yet, IP Management is not a focus in our Business Schools; IP is taught as a legal subject and the subjects of […]