Moderator: Dr. Rush Khan

Moderator: Dr. Rush Khan

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Dr. Rush Khan was the Head of Intellectual Property (IP) for Aramco Entrepreneurship. Dr. Khan transformed the IP and Innovation domains of Saudi Aramco and many other regional organizations. For example, he developed first Corporate IP policies for Aramco, an University of Science & Technology and supported other regional organizations. He also launched Global Innovation Open Competition to further economic development with significant outcome. He served as the Distinguished Lecturer for SPE and offered lectures that included Harvard and MIT. Dr. Khan is a Distinguished Fellow of LESI, CEEM, and is Certified Licensing Professional (CLP). Dr. Khan received Texaco’s highest technical award for creativity. The Intellectual Assets Management Organization and Magazine identified him as one of the World’s Top IP Strategists for two years. A certified IP Licensing Professional (CLP), Dr. Khan has his MS, PhD in Energy Engineering and MS in Environmental Engineering and excelled in Texaco, Inc., US Department of Energy; served as an Adjunct Professor Vassar and a Consultant for UNDP and WIPO.

C4: Best IP Strategies for Value Creation

Coronado E1 & E2

The workshop will address: Best and worst strategies to identify and protect most valuable assets? Why a company should or should not have a reward system for its inventors and their managers? Emerging trends to create value from intellectual capital. Case studiesĀ  (small and large companies including, HP, Exxon, Chevron, Conoco, BP, Shell, etc – […]