Moderator: Patrick Terroir

Moderator: Patrick Terroir

Chair of Patent and Technology Licensing of LESI; LES Liaison Organization to the ISO/TC 279 Standards Development; Attorney at Law, Paris Bar; Innovation Legal, (France)

Patrick Terroir graduated from Sciences Po, University of Paris II (doctorate in law) and the National School of High Administration. Mr. Terroir began his career at the Ministry for Social Security in 1976. He then worked at the Treasury Department at the Ministry of Economy and Finance between 1981 and 1988, In 1988 Mr. Terroir was nominated as deputy director of the Office of the Minister of Employment.

Between 1989 and 2014 Mr. Terroir was a Director in Caisse des Dépôts (CDC) in charge successively of social housing, banking services, Regional Director for the Paris-Ile de France, and chairman of the Val de Marne Paris Development Agency. Since 2006 he has developed the activity of CDC in the innovation domain and created France Brevets.

Since February 2014, Patrick Terroir, become a lawyer and create its single member company, Innovation Legal, which is active in innovation and intellectual property economy.

Patrick chair the Patent and Technology Licensing Committee of Licensing Executive Society International since May 2015 and he is a member of 4IP Council advisory board.

Patrick Terroir is also a teacher in macroeconomics and intellectual property economics in Sciences Po Paris.

H1: SMEs and the Patent Challenge

America’s Cup C/D

With the introduction of new technologies, the globalization and the transformation of the global value chain, the role of new and small firms in innovation and economic development has increased tremendously since the beginning of the 80’s. But as many studies indicate, patenting activity is relatively uncommon among small businesses and, where it does occur, […]