Misha Benjamin

Legal Counsel, Element AI, Canada

Misha completed his Civil and Common Law at University of Ottawa, and started his career as an articling student and then associate in the corporate and commercial group at BLG. He then moved to Spiegel Sohmer where he specialized in representing emerging tech companies in their commercial and fundraising efforts. Realizing that he wanted to work closely with the business and development teams long-term, he moved to an-house position at Ubisoft Entertainment, where he dealt with a variety of IP and commercial issues. Since joining Element AI, he has had to address all aspects of the business of artificial intelligence, including copyright, open-source, patent, data and commercialization issues, as well as developing an IP strategy.

C2: Artificial Intelligence: The IP Behind Disruption

Coronado D1 & D2

The disruption of many industries by Artificial Intelligence has already begun. From life sciences and financial technologies to the legal field, every business must embrace the advantages of this technological revolution or risk extinction. The panelists from many different countries and fields of expertise will explore the IP and licensing models behind AI, as well […]