Mina Maeda

Social Innovation IP Dept., IP Business Division, Hitachi, Ltd.

Mina Maeda is a Department Manager, IP Department III of Intellectual Property Division in Hitachi, Ltd. She is currently responsible for overall IP strategy for Hitachi’s service and solution business, especially IP issues arising from Co-creation with customers/partners using IoT Platform. Joining Hitachi in 2000, she has experience in patent portfolio management in IT area, corporate IP strategy, as well as IP education.

E4: Impact of IP Rights on 4th Industrial Revolution in Asia

America's Cup A/B

This workshop will provide views and perspectives from Asia on managing IP rights at the new frontier of the 4th industrial revolution. The speakers will share their experiences and how they would prepare in business and legal aspects for these emerging technologies. The target audience includes business executives and professionals in the high-tech area.