Mike Pellegrino

Mike Pellegrino

LES Standards – IP Valuation ; Founder and President, Pellegrino & Associates, LLC

Mike Pellegrino is the Founder and President of Pellegrino & Associates, LLC (P&A), a boutique intellectual property (IP) valuation firm. He has experience valuing patents and other forms of IP, establishing royalty rates, and evaluating businesses. His company engagements number more than 300 for more than 200 clients, ranging from Fortune 100 companies to startups. Courts at the state and federal level, tax jurisdictions, and arbitration panels have accepted Mike’s work for issues including bankruptcy valuations, estate tax valuations, copyright infringement claims, trade secret misappropriation claims, patent infringement claims, breach of contract claims and others. He is the author of first and second editions of BVR’s Guide to Intellectual Property Valuation, selling more than 700 books to a variety of customers including attorneys, tech transfer officers, business valuation firms, competing IP valuation firms, and more. In addition, his finance- and software-related articles appear in internationally and nationally recognized outlets.

Mike has taught IP valuation concepts to officials from the governments of Brazil, Azerbaijan, Estonia, Thailand, Guatemala, and New Zealand on behalf of the U.S. State Department. He has counseled and testified before legislators about valuation issues. He was also instrumental in helping to change Indiana law regarding the valuation of embedded application software for personal property tax reporting purposes and for the taxation of patent-derived income.

In addition to his valuation expertise, Mike developed a state-of-the-art patent analytics tool that provides key insights and intelligence into the patent landscape. This system removes information asymmetry rampant in the patent marketplace by consolidating millions of disparate records into a user-friendly database.

His educational background includes a Bachelor’s degree in computer science from Indiana Institute of Technology and a Master’s degree in business administration from Ball State University. He also completed additional accounting coursework sufficient to fulfill the academic requirements for an undergraduate accounting degree.

D3: LES Standards Initiative: Improving the Practice of IP Management

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