Luke McLeroy

Luke McLeroy

Vice President, AVANCI

Luke is Vice President – Business Development at Avanci, which is the first platform for licensing wireless technology to the Internet of Things (IoT). At Avanci, Luke is responsible for bringing together standard-essential wireless patents from industry leaders, making them available in a single license to IoT device manufacturers who are adding connectivity to their products. As an intellectual property attorney with years of experience negotiating collaborative licensing agreements, Luke brings to Avanci a commitment to ensure that all participants in the company’s marketplace receive efficient and transparent access to the technology they need to fuel their devices for the Internet of Things. He is excited about the opportunity to simplify and improve the patent licensing process in a way that works for today’s fast-evolving world of connected products. Luke joins Avanci from Ericsson where he led the company’s North American patent licensing business. Prior to joining Ericsson, Luke was an associate and then a principal at the law firm McKool Smith in Dallas, helping to resolve major patent disputes between some of the world’s largest technology companies. Luke is a frequent speaker on patent licensing, and the importance of licensing patents on fair and reasonable terms, at industry conferences including those hosted by the American Bar Association, the Berkley Center for Law and Technology, IAM, the International Telecommunications Union, Stanford Law School and University College London. Luke attended Texas A&M University and the University of Texas School of Law.

B3: IP Markets Experiences

Regatta C

Today the majority of innovation comes from the bundling of different inventions and IP assets. In this context, the necessity to get mechanisms for the exchange and diffusion of inventions is no more challenged. But to this day the creation of standardized IP market institutions (as there are in markets for capital, land and labour) remains […]