John Sarkisian

Founder, SKLZ, Pat & Oscars; Industry Chairman, San Diego Sport Innovators

John Sarkisian is a serial entrepreneur who has built and sold several companies, including the regional fast casual restaurant company Pat & Oscars, which was sold to a public company, and SKLZ, a sports training enterprise that was sold to private equity. John is now a partner in Motion Ventures and owns Encontro, a restaurant in North park, as well as Industry Chairman of San Diego Sports Innovators and Vice Chairman of YMCA of San Diego County.

J5: Brand Contribution: Building, Protecting and Leveraging Brand Assets

Regatta A

While brands exist all over, only some brands truly add value to their organizations. Powerful brands serve as a promise to consumers enabling brand owners to achieve greater sales, reduce costs and achieve substantial competitive advantages. The presentation will cover the core tools of building and managing valuable brands. The panelists will present tools for […]