John Carney

Managing Director, China IP Exchange, LLC.

John is the Managing Director of China IP Exchange, LLC, a consultancy supporting product design and process licensing, asset sales and between US and Chinese firms.  This new efforts builds on a successful career of connecting proven technology from western markets to the growing technology needs of automotive supply firms in China.  John founded China IP Exchange following a 40 year career with Aptiv/Delphi/GM in IP licensing, M&A, sales, finance and program management.   From 2013 to 2018, John led the Delphi/Aptiv worldwide IP licensing and monetization activities.  Prior to joining Delphi licensing in 2009, John successfully completed four divestitures as a deal director during Delphi’s 2005 -2009 restructuring effort.

John holds an MA in Accounting and an MBA in Finance from Indiana University.  He is a CLP.  He is currently the Chairman of the LES Automotive and Aerospace committee for the HTS.

G3: The Changing Patent and Licensing Landscape in the Automotive and Aerospace Industries