Jennifer Dyer

Jennifer Dyer

Executive Director, University of Southern California Stevens Center for Innovation

Jennifer Dyer is the Executive Director of the USC Stevens Center for Innovation, a university-wide resource for USC innovators designed to harness and advance the creative thinking and breakthrough research at USC for societal impact beyond traditional academic means. She leads a team of 27 who manage university-owned IP stemming from more than $700 million in annual research funding across all areas of the University including medicine, engineering, sciences and the arts. USC Stevens focuses on the licensing of technologies, expanding industry collaborations, supporting start-ups and entrepreneurial programs for students and faculty.

Dyer has more than 25 years of experience and a strong record of success in technology commercialization, including serving as Director of Technology Development at The Scripps Research Institute and as a Corporate Development Consultant at Life Technologies Corporation (now ThermoFisher). Her experience includes supervising more than 1000 agreement negotiations for intellectual property rights.

G4: Diversity and Identity of the Licensing Profession: Career Development Discussion

Regatta B/C

Licensing professionals comprise a diverse category of colleagues managing broad aspects of intellectual property and coordinating strategic alliances. Their career backgrounds include degrees and training in science, medicine, law, business, finance, and others. Many have moved among various career paths, such as university technology offices, law firms, government legal offices, incubators, industry, and/or venture space. […]