Jack Lu

Partner and Chief Economist, IPMAP, LLC

Dr. Jack Lu, CFA is a Partner and Chief Economist of IPMAP – Intellectual Property Market Advisory Partners. An economist and financial analyst with an engineering background and research credentials, Jack specializes in economic study, financial analysis, assets valuation, and strategic advisory for IP transactions & litigation, and for IP-intensive corporate transactions and disputes in financing (VC & PE), M&A, equity investment, and distressed assets investment. Jack’s research and consulting services deliver valuation reports, pre-transaction studies, fairness opinions, market & competition analysis, pre-litigation & pre-assertion assessments, settlement & mediation packages, and damage estimates.

Jack is also an active researcher and publisher. His studies in intellectual property, patent markets, financial markets and other economic issues have been published by the Council on Foreign Relations, Cambridge University Press, Business Economics, IAM Magazine, Licensing Economics Review, and Les Nouvelles, the Journal of the Licensing Executives Society (LES) International. He was an expert speaker at IP forums organized by Duke Law School, LES, London IP Summit, and other entities, and his comments have appeared in CFA Magazine, IAM Online, IPWatchdog, Licensing Economics Review, and LES Insight. His most recent research can be found at his SSRN author page at http://ssrn.com/author=230071.

After receiving his B.E. in electrical engineering and M.Ph. in technology management, Jack studied economic policy and received his PhD from the University of Texas at Austin. He is a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) charter holder and a member of the CFA Institute, the National Association for Business Economics, and the Licensing Executives Society. He has been actively involved in supporting these organizations, including serving on the Executive Committees of 2011, 2014, and 2017 LES High Tech Royalty Survey.

I6: LES 2017 High Tech Royalty Rate Survey Results and status of EU FRAND jurisprudence based on recent Court Cases

America’s Cup C/D

This panel of international intellectual property experts will review and discuss recent trends and data extracted from the 2017 LES High Tech Royalty Rate Survey along with reviewing the data collected in the European EU FRAND court case study.