Dr. Yan Zhang

Partner, IPFuTure

Areas of practice Dr. Yan Zhang, partner of IPFuTure, specializes in commercial IP and licensing, portfolio management, and standards. Dr. Zhang has over ten years of IP practice experience, especially in information and communication industry. Dr. Zhang counsels clients on IP strategy, IP management and commercial transaction of IP, including private equity investments, strategic alliances, technology transfers, jointly R&D or outsourcing research issues etc. Dr. Zhang has an active IP standards development practice in China and International Standard Organization. She was one of the main drafters of Chinese national standards-Enterprise Intellectual Property Management Specification, which has been implemented by over 20,000 Chinese high-tech companies. Now she is the co-chair of IPM Task Force in ISO TC279. Dr. Zhang also worked as consultant for several technology transfer and IP commercialization platforms in China. Work experience Dr. Zhang joined IPFuTure in 2008, prior to which she was the director of Technology Transfer and IP Office in the Information Computing Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences. Dr. Zhang received her Bachelor degree in economic management from Beijing Normal University in 1999. She obtained her Doctor degree in computer science from Tsinghua University in 2004. Dr. Zhang was admitted as a patent attorney in 2006. Her working languages are Mandarin and English. Dr. Zhang is a member of SAC/TC554, ISO/TC279.

B3: IP Markets Experiences

Regatta C

Today the majority of innovation comes from the bundling of different inventions and IP assets. In this context, the necessity to get mechanisms for the exchange and diffusion of inventions is no more challenged.┬áBut to this day the creation of standardized IP market institutions (as there are in markets for capital, land and labour) remains […]