Dr. Wilaiporn Chetanachan

Dr. Wilaiporn Chetanachan

Director, Corporate Technology Office, The Siam Cement Public Company Limited (Thailand)

Dr. Wilaiporn Chetanachan is Director of Corporate Technology Office, the Siam Cement PLC or “SCG”. She oversees the design and implementation of corporate-wide innovation management system that includes the management of R&D process, project portfolio, R&D financial and return monitoring, alliance development and intellectual property. The highly influential system enhances innovation commercialization and return on R&D investment. Having a strong motivation and keen business mind for driving the development of sustainable technology platform and new technology business, and has secured significant investment for expansion in new venture. Dr. Wilaiporn holds a Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry from the University of Cincinnati, USA. She also attended Harvard Business School’s Advanced Management Program and Stanford Business School’s Leading Change and Organizational Renewal Program. Currently, Dr. Wilaiporn serves as immediate past president of LES Thailand.

H2: Challenges and Opportunities for Start-ups

America's Cup A/B

There is an international and regional trend of startups and high-tech companies in innovation and technology transfer. Specifically, there is a growing expectation that startups and high-tech companies will expand their roles in driving economy and more directly contribute to the revival and development of the regional economy given the global shift towards more entrepreneurship based economies.   This session […]